How to download a theme pack :
1. you can download theme pack in download theme page
2. select your os then select a theme pack you want to read more and details.
3. now you can see a screenshoot and video of theme pack if you liked click in download.

How to install a Theme Pack :

I get a malware, virus, spyware, trojan warning
This is triggered due to the installer. Unfortunately to provide apps for free, we have to advertise about other free apps in the installer, which can be optionally installed by clicking Agree in the installer. When the installer offers you other apps, just read and click Decline or Skip for anything you don't want. Also if you see security error on chrome just click on Details and then click on visit this site or try other browser.
I cannot open the download file.
Disable your anti-malware app temporarily and try again.
First at all you need to have aero effect to use Theme pack so if you use windows 7 starter or home basic you need to patch aero to unlock aero effect from here
if your windows 7 not starter or home basic and you dont have aero effect you need to upgrade your graphic driver to enable aero effect.
1. after download a Theme pack run it as administrator and click on next button.
2. read the license agreement and if you not have problem with this check i accept box and click on next button.
3. in this part if you patched your uxtheme or installed uxstyle before, uncheck uxstyle option then click install button, in this part your style will be change. 

4. after complete install click on next button.
5. now click in finish button and enjoy new style.

Note:  if your theme not changed or its like classic windows you need to install uxtheme patcher from here and after restart select new theme from personalization.
How to Unistall a Theme Pack :
if you want to unistall a Theme pack run unistaller from here: Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features this part you can choice parts for unistall if you check all box and click on unistall button Theme pack will be removed from your windows.
note: if you want to remove all files and backup check the last box but its better to uncheck this box to have a backup files.
2. in this part unistaller ask you about remove all files and backup if you want to remove it then click in yes button , in this part your style will back to default.
3. after complete unistalling click on next button.
4. now click in finish button.

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